Friday, February 1, 2008

Comfort Zones

The term comfort zone is used to denote a mental conditioning resulting in artificially created mental boundaries, within which an individual derives a sense of security.

These boundaries tend to result in an internal state of mind which may not be necessarily true.

Our comfort zone is the environment in which we feel safe—the big ‘comfy sofa’ of our lives. It is physical, emotional, cultural, intellectual and financial. It is made up of the expected and the accepted—the edges are defined by our assumptions and prejudices, by our fear and laziness.

Our comfort zone often shields us from uncomfortable truths and from our fears.

Moving out of our comfort zone can be embarrassing, frightening, painful and traumatic.

When we go beyond our comfort zone boundaries we experience the unknown and this induces tension, anxiety and fear.

Mistakes will be made when we go beyond our comfort zone. It is OKAY to make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow as a person.

Once you have gone outside your comfort zone a few times you will feel more comfortable and will have extended the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Moving out of your comfort zone is probably the single most important step that you can make towards making your desires, goals and visions in life come true.

Don’t allow your comfort zone to deny you from achieving what you want in your life.

Author: Steve Decker - Life Management & Success Coach

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JimQ said...

Oh man, that picture reminds me of a ropes course I did years ago. They had a telephone pole they called a "pamper pole" that they wanted you to climb, stand on top of and jump off. Still freaks me out even today (I did finally do it!) Great advice for life coaches! Jim