Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Experiences Do You Want In Your Life's Shopping Trolley?

Isn’t it interesting how we spend the time and understand the sense in making a list of what we need and want for our shopping adventures and yet very few people will invest the time to write down a list of what they need and want for their own life adventure.

Why do people make shopping lists?

1. So they will not forget things. They are a reminder.

2. So they can keep to a budget. It helps them to stay on track with their plans.

3. It helps them to stay focused on what they want.

4. It helps them to make the right choices.

5. It stops them from making rash, spontaneous & poor decisions.

6. It avoids time being wasted.

7. It helps to alleviate confusion.

Wouldn’t it be also true to say that writing down a list of what you want and need in your life would provide similar benefits for you?

How often have you gone to the shops not knowing what you really wanted and them came back with a pile of things that you really did not need? Has someone persuaded you to buy something because you were not clear on what you needed or wanted? Have you been lured to buy things on sale because they were on sale, even though you may not have really needed them? Have you spent hours at the shops looking for something with no idea of what you were looking for?

Our shopping experiences are a good analogy for why it is important to invest the time to write down a list or a plan of what we intend for our lives. If you do not write down your intentions for your life you will find that similar experiences will occur in your life. You will end up investing your time doing things that are not truly important to you. Other people will persuade you as to what you want and need. You will be lured by things that may look and sound good but on reflection were not for you. You will waste precious time wandering around aimlessly.

Not knowing what you want from your life is a major contributor towards experiencing feelings of unhappiness, frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, confusion etc.

As a Life Management & Success Coach I encourage my clients to invest time to write down a compelling list of what they truly need and would like to experience in their life and why. This is the important first step towards achieving anything that you want in life. Don’t worry about the HOW for now. Just spend time working on WHAT YOU WANT and WHY YOU WANT IT. So many people get stuck in life because they focus on the HOW first. The HOW will work itself out if you understand the WHAT & WHY.

Remember, you have a choice as to what you want to fill your life’s shopping trolley with. Don’t come to the realisation after you have paid at the checkout that you have a trolley full of things that you didn’t want.

Please contact me if you require some assistance in this process and would like to know how to effectively prepare and write your life plan/list.

Author: Steve Decker - Life Management & Success Coach

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