Thursday, October 1, 2009

Be Courageous!

The ability to be courageous is a very important attribute to have in life.

To be victorious and successful in life we need courage.

It allows us to go beyond our fears and take necessary action.

Courage is the act of doing what is necessary despite the presence of negative mental obstacles i.e. fear, doubt, worry etc.

Without courage we remain stuck in our lives. We can’t see a way past the ‘brick walls’.

Progress in life is built on the back of courage.

By being courageous we:

* break through our comfort zones and experience personal growth;
* persist when confronted with challenges;
* ask for help;
* remain true to ourselves and others; and
* achieve our goals and dreams.

We are often confronted with circumstances that require us to do things that we prefer not to do because they may be difficult, scary, uncomfortable, awkward etc. We have all been in those situations. The critical choice that we have to make during these situations is whether we decide to be courageous or allow fear to rule us. I suggest that you make the decision to be courageous. It may not be the easy choice; however it will bring greater rewards into your life.

Courage requires fortitude. Knowing this, how can we strengthen our fortitude so that we can make courageous choices and take action upon them?

Firstly, you need to commit to being true to yourself at all times. Follow your path and don’t be unduly influenced by external influences. Act on what feels congruent for you.

Secondly, you need to know what is important to you and what you are not willing to compromise under any circumstances. For example, if integrity is important to you then you will act courageously to uphold it. Be true to your values and live your life according to them.

Thirdly, know and understand your WHY. When your WHY is strong enough and clear you will make courageous choices. For example, when I resigned from the military after 19 years of service I wrote down all the reasons why I wanted to develop a coaching business. Most of these reasons revolved around my family and my passion to help others. I read this every day and will continue to do so. It has helped me tremendously in being courageous with my choices and actions during challenging times developing my business.

I suggest that you allow courage to be your ally in life. It will help you to conquer and defeat the enemy of fear, doubt, worry etc.

Be courageous and act on what you truly want in life and what is true for you. Your courage will lead to you greater riches and happiness.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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