Sunday, September 25, 2011


Patterns are things that we do on a consistent basis and are done at an unconscious level.

Your patterns of thoughts, language and behaviour will determine the quality of your life and the results that you achieve.

Many of your patterns have come about from influences and experiences from your environment.

Hopefully the environments you have been exposed to have led you to develop healthy patterns.

Unfortunately though there may be patterns that you are following that may not be serving you well in your life.

It is critical to identify any patterns that are not serving you and to interrupt them.

If you are not experiencing the results that you want in various areas of your life an examination of the patterns creating these results is necessary. You will find that a pattern of thoughts, language or behaviour is not allowing you to experience what you desire. Continuing to follow these patterns will lead to the same results occurring in your life.

Below are some common examples of unhelpful patterns.

* Focusing on and only seeing the negatives in everything.

* Not completing things, always leaving things unfinished.

* Being critical and judgemental of oneself and others.

* Not feeling worthy to receive.

* Inability to say “No” to others when necessary – ‘Disease to Please’.

* Justifying and laying blame.

* Doing everything for others and failing to support yourself.

The key to interrupting these unhelpful patterns is to commit to making a conscious choice to cease them and replace them with a healthier pattern.

Whatever your pattern is do the opposite to what you would normally do. For instance, if you normally are critical of yourself and others do the opposite by paying compliments to yourself and others. Make it a daily habit. Repetition created your unhealthy patterns, so allow repetition to create new healthy patterns.

Take control of your life. Be a creator of the patterns that will serve your life the best.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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