Monday, April 27, 2009

The Importance of Now!

“Yesterday’s the past and tomorrow’s the future. Today is a gift – which is why they call it the present” – Bil Keane

As the above quote suggests the present or the now is a gift. We need to treat now as something extremely special. We need to live it as best we can and make choices in the present that contribute to us achieving a greater level of happiness & fulfillment.

It is important that we do not fall into the trap of focusing so much on the past or the future that we neglect the now.

Admittedly, we do need to spend some time focusing on the past and future.

The past provides us with important learnings. It helps us to decide what experiences we want to avoid or repeat and the necessary changes that we need to make in our thoughts, behaviours and decisions.

The future provides us with possibilities and inspires us to take action. It is a vision of what we want to be, where we want to go, and what we want to achieve.

However, our lives can become challenging & frustrating when we get too stuck in the past or the future and don’t act in the now to achieve what we desire.

As we go through our day we can find ourselves focusing only on past experiences and future possibilities.

Our past experiences if we allow them can project negative thoughts and emotions into our present and our future. It is important to let go of the past so that we can create new beginnings and not to allow past experiences to deny us of happiness in the present or future. Remember our past does not need to be our present or future. We can make choices now to change and transform ourselves and our lives.

On the other hand, living in the future can stop us from taking necessary action now towards making our desired future a reality.

If we are feeling stuck in the past or the future the simple remedy is to take action.

Reflecting about what has happened in our past or dreaming about our future is not going to get us closer to our goals or desires. What will is action now!

We don’t need to have all the answers before taking some action. It is important to get some action happening. Don’t stay stuck. The more action we take in the now the better off we will be. We will gain valuable new learnings, growth, opportunities and momentum that would not have existed if we remained stagnant.

Remember, whatever action is taken, it is important that we commit to doing our best. Doing our best in the now will assist us to achieving our desired future.

Now is the time to create what we want. Now is the time to make the choices that will bring us closer to our desired future. Now is the time to make the necessary changes in our life. Understand that there is tremendous power in the now.

As a Life Management & Success Coach my primary role is to assist my clients to focus on what action they can take now to help them get closer to the future that they desire for themselves.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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