Thursday, July 29, 2010


Encouragement is something important that we all need to help us achieve our goals in life.

Encouragement gives us the impetus to keep moving towards our goals.

There are times in our life where we doubt our ability to achieve certain things. I know that when I decided to transition from a career in the military to setting up a coaching business those doubts existed. What helped me though was the encouragement that I received from my coach and from my wife. They believed that I could be successful and encouraged me to take the necessary steps.

I suggest that you look to surround yourself with people who are encouragers. Encouragers are people who instill the belief in you that you can achieve whatever you want. They are optimistic people. Having people like this in your environment will be tremendously helpful for you. Consider these people to be your cheerleading team. They want you to succeed and to be happy in life.

The way to attract encouragers into your life is to be one yourself. Make a commitment today that you will be a person that encourages others. Make this one of your personal traits. Look for opportunities to encourage other people. Express to people words of encouragement when they need it. Acknowledge people for what they have achieved. Applaud their efforts. They will appreciate it. Think of the times when you have been encouraged. I’m sure it was helpful for you. Remember, whatever you give to others you receive in return.

You can also decide to encourage yourself. If you do not have people in your environment to encourage you it is up to you to be your own cheerleader. You can do this with positive self-talk. Say to yourself things like “I can do this”, “Whatever I set my mind to I will achieve” or “I will succeed”. Your self-talk is a powerful ally in helping you move forward in life. Don’t make it your enemy by allowing it to discourage you.
Always talk to yourself in a loving, supportive and encouraging manner. Make that a habit!

I believe the world would be a much better place if we all chose to encourage ourselves and others. Encouragement assists us to become the best that we can be. Make a choice today that you will be one of these people.

If you need encouragement in your life right now to help you achieve what you want, coaching can assist you with this.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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Mai Bordelon said...

Steve, I like this blog a lot, as well as the blog "Let Go!". Reading this, I have confidence again that I will be successful in whatever I set out to do and achieve the goal that I aim for. Thank you very much. Have an enjoyable Sunday and a peaceful week.