Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Be Your Best Friend

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

The quality of the relationship that you have with yourself will determine the quality of relationship that you have with other areas of your life i.e. health, finances, relationships, career, emotions and spirituality.

It is vital therefore that you be a ‘best friend’ to yourself. Being a ‘best friend’ to yourself allows you to receive goodness in your life.

When we have a poor relationship with ourselves and we don’t feel good about the person we are, we choose behaviours that self-sabotage and ‘shut the gates’ to happiness and success entering our life.

So, what are some ways that you can proactively nourish the relationship that you have with yourself. The following are some suggestions.

1. Love Who You Are

Be happy with and love the person that you are. Remind yourself and focus daily on your positive qualities, strengths, achievements and positive comments that others have made about you. Love yourself for being this person.

2. Value Yourself

Acknowledge the value that you offer at your work, at home to your family, in the community, to your friends etc.

3. Treat Yourself Well

Give yourself permission and spend time doing things for yourself that provide you with health, happiness and a feeling of wellbeing. You need to support yourself first. By supporting yourself first everyone else, including you, benefits.

4. Listen to Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Be an active listener to what your body, mind and spirit are guiding you to do. Pay attention and act on this guidance.

5. Talk to Yourself Kindly

Talk to yourself in a loving and caring way. Use language that supports and encourages you.

6. Respect Yourself

Respect and be proud of the person that you are.

7. Give Yourself a Hug

Every day give yourself a hug and simultaneously say to yourself “I love you!”

Commit to these suggestions and it will enhance the relationship that you have with yourself. Devote time to nourishing the relationship with yourself. It will have positive ripple effects on all areas of your life.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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