Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't Let Your Fears Rule You

Fear is defined as a powerful biological feeling of unpleasant risk or danger, either real or imagined.

It is believed that we are all born with an innate sense of fear and this is important as it helps us to remain safe and protects us from potential danger to our wellbeing.

However, the fears that are learned can be a barrier to self-growth and self-betterment.

Our experiences in our environment can unintentionally imprint fear and limitation in our minds.

Phrases such as “Don’t do that or I’ll smack you!” or “Be careful, you will hurt yourself.” are heard from a young age and plant fear and thoughts of limitation in our minds and these fears tend to grow as we grow older and affect many areas of our lives.

It is essential that we understand how damaging these types of statements can be and we should avoid using them in our communication, especially to young children.

To succeed in life and get what you truly want you will need to overcome the fears that are limiting you.

We all experience certain fears; fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of criticism, fear of growing old, fear of change etc. The key is to overcome them and you can! Remember that fear does not exist anywhere but in our own mind.

It is never too late to address your fears.

The best cure for expelling your fears is to take action. Do the things that you fear! Don’t avoid them. Tackle them head on.

Be strong and optimistic.

Enjoy and accept the challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve yourself.

Don’t let your fears rule your life. If you don’t face them you will continue to suffer the damaging consequences and limit your full potential.

A coach can assist you to identify the fears that are limiting you and hindering you from achieving the results that you want in your life.

They can discuss with you the necessary actions that can help you to rid the fear which is creating obstacles in your life.

Many of my clients who have taken action to overcome their fears have found it to be an empowering experience.

If you can’t face your fears alone think about the benefits of seeking help from a coach.

Author: Steve Decker - Life Management & Success Coach

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