Tuesday, December 14, 2010


If you think about the results or outcomes that you are receiving in any area of your life there will be a correlation to the level of commitment you are providing in that area.

I know that when I reflect on areas of my own life, whether it be when I was at school or in my career, business, relationships, finances or spiritual life, I have always achieved the best results or outcomes when I have been truly committed.

If you are not achieving the results or outcomes in any area of your life evaluate for a moment your level of commitment in that area. Be honest with yourself. Could you be committing more in those areas? Are you dedicating the necessary time, energy, and resources to achieve the results or outcomes that you want in that area?

There is a general tendency for people to be committed to areas that are already going well for them and to neglect or avoid committing to those areas that need some improvement. Human nature comes into play and we are drawn towards those areas that we feel comfortable and confident with and less so to those areas that we are not so comfortable or confident with.

If you want to improve the results or outcomes in any area of your life all you need to do is increase the level of commitment in those areas. If you are not in a career that you enjoy be committed in exploring other options that interest you. If your relationship with your partner is not where you would like it to be commit to initiating some type of actions that will improve it. If your finances are not in a good situation be committed to seeking out solutions and applying new strategies. If your health is not in a good state commit to taking the necessary steps to enhance it. You will find that when you commit more of your time, energy and resources to these areas that your results and outcomes will improve.

When we fail to commit to those things that we know that we need to be doing we continue to experience results and outcomes that are unsatisfactory in our lives.

Commitment is making a pledge to yourself that you will do what it takes to achieve the results or outcomes that you want.

Commitment is a key ingredient to success and happiness in our lives.

Below are some strategies that can assist you in becoming more committed:

* Use language to help you to commit. Say to yourself “I will, I must, I am, I can”. This type of language will create a momentum towards taking action.

* Write down the negative/painful consequences of failing to commit to areas that you are not happy with in your life.

* Write down the positive/pleasurable outcomes that you will experience or derive from committing in those areas.

* Know the reasons why you need to commit. Understand and get clear on the importance of doing so.

* If you are competitive set yourself a challenge.

* Verbalise to others what you are going to do. When you do this you are making yourself accountable. You will be less likely to look for the exit strategy for not doing what you know you need to be doing. This is because we tend to keep promises that we make to others more so than the ones that we make to ourselves.

So, what actions are you going to take to display greater commitment to those areas in your life that need it? Make a commitment to yourself and others right now that you will take these actions. This commitment will bring pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment into your life. Go for it!

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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