Sunday, November 2, 2008


Persistence is the ability to overcome all obstacles between you and your goals.

It is an important trait for you to have if you want to realise your goals.

Whenever you set a goal there will be the inevitable obstacles and challenges. You need to understand and accept that.

How you respond to these obstacles and how persistent you are will determine your success in achieving your goals and ultimately the level of happiness that you experience in your life.

I love reading biographies of people who have achieved great things in their life. The reading of these biographies not only has inspired me, it has revealed to me some common attributes of successful people. On top of the list is persistence. Every person that has achieved success has had their share of failure and setbacks. They would have had obstacles in their way. The key to their success was their persistence and their will and desire to find a way to make their goals a reality. They have a ‘never say die’ attitude.

One of my favourite biographies is ‘The Measure of a Man’. This book is the memoirs of the famous actor Sidney Poitier. I encourage you to read it. After reading it you will understand and embrace persistence.

Unfortunately, too many people when faced with obstacles allow them to stop them from achieving what they truly desire in their lives. You need to be aware that an obstacle or challenge is only temporary and that there is always a solution if you look hard enough that will allow you to keep moving forward towards your goals. The reason that I placed the picture that you see in this article is to highlight this very point. Here is a man with only one normal leg and yet he is climbing a wall. Many people in a similar position would be resigned to the fact that the loss of a leg would stop them from participating in such a physical activity. As evidenced by this picture you can see that there is a solution to all of our challenges. The solutions are not always apparent and forthcoming, however with some persistence you will find the answers if you truly desire them.

I admit that persistence takes courage, but the rewards for being persistent are great.

Promise yourself from now on that you will look at each obstacle and challenge in life as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Don’t see them as a reason to quit on your goals. You may find, as I have in my personal and business life, that the true gifts and blessings in life are not the achievement of our goals but rather the lessons that we learn on the road to achieving them.

Author: Steve Decker - Life Management & Success Coach

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